FYGT reached the free limit of display of website thumbnails. Please consider a donation to keep this directory running!

A message to all FYGT Fans - Donation Needed

Dear all,

Please read this post!

Today we just hit the 600th link on Fuck Yeah Gay Tumblr. And I’m very happy about the success of this gallery, so far over 15,000 unique visitors have accessed the gallery, which demonstrates the usefulness of the idea.

However this site is victim of its own success! The site uses a web-service calledShrinktheweb to automatically get the site’s thumbnails. I’ve used its free service so far, which is limited to a maximum of 250,000 fetches per month. This means that globally the amount of visitors should access a maximum of 250,000 thumbnails per month.

I thought this limit was rather high (and it’s the highest one among similar free services on the web). However The actual stats are as follows:

Current usage: 200,145 

Projected monthly usage: 335,358 

Your allowance: 250,000 fetches per month.  

Difference: 85,358 fetches per month.  

Recommended: 1 additional blocks 

So I got an email where the service recommends me to buy an additional block to ensure the continuity of the site. This, however, would cost  $24.95 (about €17.5) per month. I can’t afford the whole monthly contribution (although I’m ready to contribute of course).

That is why I’d like to ask you a small contribution for the site itself to keep it active. By clicking on the link above you will immediately access the PayPal platform to make a donation.

Thanks a lot!